The Author

Name:Jiri Svoboda (Sea Duck )
Residence:Prague, Czech Republic, Central Europe
Occupation:Student of computer sciences at the Charles University, Prague
Hobbies:Programming, Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computers, Pixel Painting, ...


I started programming the game somewhere in 1999 or 2000. For development purposes I used the graphics from the original game. In a few months the game was quite playable and was very close to the original in terms of gameplay.

At that time I painfully realised I created a game that was cool to play, but I couldn't release it, since the graphics werent original. So I created some graphics that I though were not great, but O.K. and registered the game on The Linux Game Tome under the name Uni's Columns.

At that time it used svgalib for graphics and OSS for audio. This was a big problem, since you needed to have root priviledges, the game didn't run in X etc.

Only after my friend told me did I realise the graphics were hideous. My only other feedback from the users back then was email. And I didn't get even a single one! Strongly discouraged, I abandoned the entire project.

In November 2004 I thought it was a shame to have such a good game that I spent so much time programming just rusting for years on my hard drive. I decided to revive it. I switched from svgalib/OSS to SDL, did some reorganisations and cleanups, added a few features, made the game work on Win32 and Solaris.

Originaly the game runs in 256-color palettised mode. But managing palettes during game development is a pain so I decided to add support for 16-bit directcolor. On August 25th 2005 I registered the game on SourceForge and gave it a new name: Block Rage.

In 2006 I've done a lot, polishing up the documentation and the installation process and Block Rage was finally released. I've created new block graphics, cleaned up a lot of code and the revision number increased to 0.2.3.

In 2007 the game has been unexpectedly added to the Gentoo Portage tree -- I had registered the game in Gentoo Bugzilla almost a year before and completely forgot about it!This convinced me that I should continue improving the game.

But there still a long way to go. Right now I'm pixel-painting completely new game screens. This will probably take a log of my time. Since I'm no real graphic artist, I can't predict how long it will take till it's publishable.

When the screens are in a good shape, I will have to design a game font and redesign the animated background to better match the game's graphic style. Other things (code updates, sounds, music) will probably come after that.